Book Review: Social Media Recruitment by Andy Headworth

Book Review: Social Media Recruitment by Andy Headworth

The landscape in the recruitment sector in particular, social media recruitment has changed massively over the last couple of years. It was crying out for someone to write about this and it’s great that Andy Headworth has written a book on this very subject.

The book is aimed at SME companies who have small or no central recruitment team, however it could easily be aimed at in-house and agency teams looking to update their skills or understand better the challenges companies are facing in this ever changing environment.

There is so much that can be written about this subject as its huge and evolving every day with new tools and techniques continuing to disrupt the market so it’s great to see someone putting something together on this subject.

Andy has broken the book down into easily digestible chapters which you could take on, one by one or focus on the ones most pressing in your business. This includes an introduction to the current recruitment landscape, social media recruitment, which social sites and tools are out there and which you should use, strategy, candidate sourcing, employer brand, big data in social media, ROI, social media policy and guidelines and future recruitment.

Each chapter sets out what strategy you can take and what tools to use. There are some handy case studies and although they are for mainly for big companies generally with decent budgets you can use all of the techniques on a shoe-string budget.

There’s a lot in the book and my advice is to work through each chapter implementing each one into your business. If you can work with someone in your team (or for a recruiter I’d work with your marketing team if you have one). Why not sit down each week and create an action plan and list of things you’ve each agreed to do before the following week.

One area that would have been handy is more about the changes for recruitment marketing including inbound marketing and automation but that’s a big subject on its on and maybe a future book!

I’d recommend for anyone, either internal recruitment teams, agency or those on their own to put these strategies into practice. You might not do them all or want to do them all but even if you pick two or three and become great at it, you may just find it brings you a great return on your time and energy invested.

Oh yes and the boy in this picture is one of my beautiful children, Blake, getting his first taste of recruitment (excuse the pun!).

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  • Andy Headworth

    26th January 2016 at 9:50 am Reply

    Thanks David for the review. I am glad to see you are developing recruiters of the future very young 🙂 What is an interesting question, is when Blake is working, what will social media/digital/comms even look like? Scary thought.
    Correct on the next book front – the publishers have already mentioned it!

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