Breaking up with your client in these simple steps

Breaking up with your client in these simple steps

Breaking up is never easy. Whether it’s a personal relationship or business relationship there’s never a good time.

Usually, there are plenty of people who will give you an opinion and advice on the best way to break up (whether you want that advice or not!)

But who tells you when it’s time to break up with a client? Who gives you that sound advice that it’s time to say goodbye and move on. ¬†Before we mention how you do it let’s look at some of the reasons that it might be time to move on:

  1. Low fees
  2. Poor job briefs
  3. Lack of engagement
  4. Poor candidate feedback
  5. Delays in payment of your invoices

Just before you do breakup, why not give them a chance to sort things out?

Discuss the issues, provide evidence and find out why it’s happening and how’s things can be improved from both sides. Tell them what’s not working and how you can both make a plan to put things right. ¬†If they value you then they should see sense to give it a try. If not you, keep it simple and politely say it’s not working and on that basis, your can’t invest more time with them.

Always leave politely and keep the door open for the future as you never know things may change but don’t ever be afraid to walk away.

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