How best to secure a client meeting 

How best to secure a client meeting 

If your new to recruitment you may be wonder what’s the best way to get in front of your potential new clients and in some recruitment companies might be getting pressure to do so.


Start with one thing and that’s making a plan.  Plan who you want to meet and why and what value you’re going to give to that organisation.

Perhaps you are in a niche market and have something the client really needs that is difficult for them to get elsewhere. Perhaps you’re already working with the organisation in another office or country and feel you know the business and their processes well enough and can find them the candidates they need to serve them elsewhere. Whatever it is, make sure you have something good to give.

Make sure you take the time to research the organisation properly. It’s so easy these days with so much information on the internet.  Look deep into their website, read about the products and services, insights and blogs.  Check out the company Facebook page and research their employees and movements on LinkedIn. Assess if there is a pattern of where people are coming from and where they are going to.


You’ve got a few ways to approach, by phone, face to face, email or via a social site. Whichever you do, keep it simple and straight to the point and talk about why they should give up 30 mins of their precious time to see you.  Give them a couple of options on a few different dates so you don’t have to go back and forth too many times or use a calendar tool like calendly.


The best method of gaining that meeting is by someone referring you who is trusted by the contact you are approaching. Is there someone who knows your prospect that you’ve delivered a great service to before?  See if they are connected on Linkedin.  If it’s another part of the organisation, ask your connection to make an introduction by email copying you in and then follow up from there.  You’ll now need to be double sure you can deliver a great service and your reputation is now at stake with the prospect and your existing contact.

If you don’t get a response in a couple of days give a quick follow up both by phone and email and keep polite and straight to the point.  Perhaps the timing isn’t right or they just don’t see the value from meeting right now.  If you believe that there is something you can offer, keep in touch on a quarterly basis and do you best to find out more about your prospect and how you can help them.


Make sure you send them a calendar invite for the meeting (or you should be able to set it via your recruitment CRM) and follow up the day before to re-confirm the meeting time and location.

What’s your experience like in getting meetings?


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