How to start each day in recruitment

How to start each day in recruitment

Do you ever come in the office in the morning and open your inbox and then work to whatever you’ve had sent to you?

If you do then your working to someone else’s agenda and not your own.

Great recruiters make a plan and know exactly what they want to achieve before they walk in the office so here’s a few suggestions:


Plan your day the night before and give yourself 3-5 goals you want to achieve the next day:

Get in early

Don’t be one of those who is always rushing to get to the office in time. ¬†Get up and start you’re day early; come in and have breakfast and get started an hour before. ¬†There’s many others who are doing it so if your already walking in a minute before your start time, getting your breakfast and coffee you’re already way behind and the only person your cheating* is yourself. Really what’s your excuse?

Don’t just be reactive to your inbox

Rather than being re-active to your inbox write down and put on your desk 5 things you want to achieve today that will move your business forward and make results.

Don’t let anyone interrupt your plan.

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