It’s not just recruiters who should act with integrity

It’s not just recruiters who should act with integrity

There was an interesting blog last week by Greg Savage about the perception of the recruiters in the industry (using Google search as an example) and some negative comments about how we are viewed in the industry.  As one commentator wrote it does go with most industries and there is the good and the bad but those who have made it through these tougher times it’s generally because they are working hard and doing a great job to service both their clients and candidates.

Recruiters have to remain positive every day; even when so many so many things can go wrong in the recruitment process; budgets being cut mid-way through the process; budgets not approved to begin with (yet the hiring manager insistent it has been approved) candidates pulling out/changing their mind (generally when the process is taking too long),  etc, ete…

Everyone should act with integrity, not just the recruiters

There are some great recruiters in the industry and one thing I’d like to push back on to clients is that it takes both parties to act with integrity.  If you ask recruiters to call them back; do the decent thing and take the call; if you don’t want to talk just tell them; if you don’t want to work with them for any reason just say so but don’t hide constantly trying to avoid the call or not bothering to acknowledge them; especially after they’ve taken the time to meet you as this is certainly happening right now in the market.

Next time you get a call from a recruiter and it’s a  good call/introduction with someone who has done their homework about you and the organisation; do the decent thing and act with integrity as you would expect them to. You can read Greg’s post here .

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