Quality activity will lead to better results

Quality activity will lead to better results

If you want quality results you’re going to need to put in some quality activity and if you’re a recruiter that means you’ll need to spend time finding and attracting the best candidates, you’ll need to make quality calls to the right clients (with quality research and qualification) and you’ll need to ensure your quality in managing the process.

For candidates; that means taking the time to really find out about the candidate you’re talking to; what they are looking for, their experience, their strengths and weaknesses, where they can add value to your client, what locations work for them (and don’t work for them), any family considerations etc..

With clients, before putting in that call make sure you have done some basic research on the internet and better still speak to someone who knows the contact you’re reaching out to.  It’s normally not that difficult to find someone who knows the person you are targeting.  If you know they have a pain, focus on that pain and where you can genuinely help them.  If not it’s a chance to do some fact finding and build some rapport for future engagement.  Take time to plan the call and know what you want to say, after all it’s the quality of your qualification that counts.

There are not short cuts so just remember, If you want great results you’ll need to put in some quality activity.

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