Why it’s critical to keep close to the candidate

Why it’s critical to keep close to the candidate

Large organisations particular can have long and unefficient hiring processes which can take 1-6 months whereas smaller organisations tend to have a less bureaucracy and willing to take more risks resulting in a shorter recruitment cycle. This gives them the advantage as it generally means less things can go wrong with a shorter process.

However when the placement is made its important to stay very close to the candidate right up until the start date (and of course after too but for now let’s just focus on the pre-placement).

Once the candidate has had the offer made and accepted you whether directly or indirectly via a recruitment partner you should be asking again how they will look to manage the resignation process.

You’ll have probably discussed a potential start date so once agreed you should map out your touch points with the candidate and what activities are needed. For example a weekly call to make sure everything is on track, invite to any team social events, catch up with their manager for a coffee for any pre joining research or planning.

Whatever you need to do it needs to ensure you stay close and that you don’t have any nasty surprises come the start date.